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Podcasts and Videos

Listen to these free audio podcasts and watch the videos featuring Professional Organizer Julie Ulmer. Through a variety of media, Julie shares the techniques, tools and strategies to help you get organized and boost your productivity, at home and at work. You can learn a lot in just a couple of minutes listening to our podcasts.

Kitchen Organization – WXGC Radio

It’s hard to cook when there isn’t room to spread out, cupboards are overflowing and prime real estate is at a premium. Clear the clutter so cooking isn’t such a chore.

Junk Mail – WXGC Radio

I liken junk mail to an unwelcome fly or bug in your house. Not so bad dealing with one or two but more than that is crazy making. Defend yourself against those pests coming in in the first place!

Benefits of Decluttering – WXGC Radio

You may think that those loose possessions strewn about is no big deal but how much easier would certain aspects of your life be without clutter?

Clutter Bug – WXGC Radio

How to identify is your clutter is affecting your life negatively.

Call it what you like, cluttering, being a pack rack, a finder/ keeper, messy, or disorganized, some people like to refer to themselves as clutter bugs Read more

An Organized Kitchen for Healthy Living – The Smead Interviews

Professional Organizer and ex-professional chef Julie Ulmer gets us into the kitchen and assessing our tools and space to make it a more functional area for healthy living.

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Organizing Your Life Documents – The Smead Interviews

Getting your life documents in order in the event of an emergency is something we don’t always think about. Professional Organizer Julie Ulmer discusses the importance of having documents prepared and a unique tool to help with the process.

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Chronic Clutter – Something to Talk About WGXC Hudson Radio Interview

On the “Something to Talk About” show, professional organizer Julie Ulmer talks with Holly Tanner and Justin Weaver about helping people clear their chronic clutter.