Offering Compassionate and Experienced Professional Organizing Services

Professional Organizer Julie Ulmer offers Compassionate, Experienced, Professional Organizing and Household Management ServicesWho wouldn’t like to have their personal space be as organized and inviting as a picture in a magazine? While that may not always be exactly attainable, how about if your household ran more efficiently? What if you stopped being swamped in papers, clothes, and belongings and still had quality leisure time? How about reducing your stress by keeping things running smoothly using nuts and bolts tactics?

With today’s busy schedules and our stuff-centric society, our homes can frequently overwhelm us, causing us to throw our hands up in defeat and turn a blind eye, having no idea where to start. Having a sense of organization and order can help keep our homes from becoming a clogged and confusing deposit zone of disarray.

Ask yourself these personal organization questions:

  • Can you find what you need, when you need it?
  • Does the idea of impromptu company send you into a slight panic?
  • Do you look around you and yearn for a simpler existence?
  • Are you feeling unproductive, inefficient and inundated?
  • Who is going to deal with your stuff after you’re gone and how will that affect them?

Professional organizer Julie Ulmer can help you achieve peace of mind

Sometimes we just need help, an extra hand, a voice of reason to reevaluate our trouble spots, to help us reclaim our spaces and bring back order. The hardest part IS getting started, but once you’ve set the process in motion, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve!

As a self-described perfectionist, I’ve spent too much time trying to overachieve, when life was trying to teach me a lesson about simplicity and practicality. It was soon after my daughter was born in 1994 that I realized what was really important. I needed to balance career, home and family in a cohesive manner. In my home I found systems that worked, products, and proper procedures to help avoid further hassles down the road. When there wasn’t a solution, I devised my own.

In my career, I found out how to get the job done, by working smarter not harder. My business approach is based on trustworthiness, common sense, down to earth values and goals. I come to your space with NO JUDGEMENT, no chiding, no bias, just an innate desire to help you achieve your goals!  My mission is to solve problems, prevent future ones, and help people reduce anxiety and worry, as well as contributing to an overall sense of peace, harmony and order in their personal spaces and lives.  

If you would like more information about becoming more organized, or if you need assistance with decluttering, downsizing or hoarding disorder, call professional organizer Julie Ulmer at 518-821-4682 or email moc.r1550465465onamr1550465465uoygn1550465465idnim1550465465@eilu1550465465j1550465465.

Serving Columbia County, Rensselaer County, Northern Dutchess County and Albany (the Capital District) in New York, and Berkshire County of western Massachusetts.