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Consuming Moratorium


During the past few years of this economic recession a good number of us have learned how to curb our consuming ways.  For some it’s just not that easy to turn off the thrill they get from finding a great sale, seeing a clearance section bursting with possibilities or being offered free shipping and handling.  Should we turn a blind eye to great offers especially during hard times? Not necessarily but that really depends on what you already own.  Knowing your own stock piles and knowing them well when you’re caught up in the heat of the moment of savings too fantastic to pass by can save you even more money in the long run.

I consider myself a back-up Queen.  I love having a duplicate of most of my constant pantry supplies that I can count on always being there. Sure I’ve had to toss a few things that have expired over the years but usually I’m pretty good at remembering what’s in my stash while on the trail of a bargain. There are some acquirers who easily go overboard if it’s not for a reminder of what they already own.  For this type of consumer I highly advise carrying what I call a purchasing moratorium card.  It’s all of a folded up post-it or index card, preferably neon colored, with a list of items they have stockpiled at home that they really need never buy again in their lifetime.  Give some people 75% off and they’ll go into something of a buying frenzy.  Hey, I’ve done it before myself so there’s no judgment here.  But there needs to be some boundaries and it’s usually NOT the sale shopper who implements them.  It’s typically a loved one who is trying to share bathroom space with 14 tubes of toothpaste, 5 packs of Q-tips and 22 sticks of underarm deodorant.  

Since I already have tendencies to want to “stock up”, a trip to BJ’s can be like Augustus Gloop seeing Willy Wonka’s chocolate river for the first time.  Thankfully I don’t have a lot of storage space and I keep an inner dialogue running through my mind as I shop, reminding myself that this isn’t cold war era Russia and that there is a grocery store within five miles of home.  Do I hate missing a great price on something and paying way more for it?  Hell yea!  Do I carry a purchasing moratorium card?  No. My memory is pretty good but I will admit to a whole LOT of discounted Easter candy currently on hand and few expiration worries here.