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Customer Service?

Customer Service?

 Wow how times have changed!  It used to be that companies and businesses considered their customers and service to be of utmost importance.  Now it seems like the buyer need beware and

prepare for eventual battles down the line when all we really want as consumers is to pay a fair price for a fair product.

 I was with a friend recently who had moved into a completely renovated, state of the art home and all of 3 years later was experiencing complete malfunction of 3 drawer style freezer/ice makers.  While she was calling the manufacturer of the ailing product, she was sent on something of a wild goose chase because they had “no record” of her previous calls seeking service.  With an upcoming party and difficulties getting quick service, she was inconvenienced and had to buy a numberof bags of ice for her event. All of this reminded me of my own struggle with my local phone company regarding phone and internet service.

Who anticipates that it will take months to find resolution with a service provider? One would think it wouldn’t be that much of an issue these days with technology however there seems to be a lot of pressure on the customer service agents who direct our calls of complaint.  I was shocked that it took months before I finally had fully functioning phone and internet service. I was flabbergasted that I had to spend almost 45 minutes arguing with a customer service representative about why I was due credit for months’ worth of terrible service. Most importantly, the service representative would not acknowledge how many times I had called about not having phone or internet service.  Curious as one of the first things you hear on their menu when you call is that the call will be recorded.  It would seem that they would have a record of your communications, being a phone company and all.

What can you do to protect yourself and get prompt service?  Keep a log!!!  Just jot a note on a post it or on your calendar with the first call or contact that you make with the name of the service representative you spoke with and their direct extension. I know, you don’t anticipate having to refer to this but boy does it come in handy when you have to argue your point about poor service and being able to refer to dates and names help you build a solid case.  Make a notation with every communication and note the duration of poor service.  Make it known if you have lost time from your own work, therefore costing you money. With planned obsolescence plenty of companies are anticipating on making more profits from warranty plans than actual sales! Protect yourself with strong records to back up your argument and advocate for yourself!