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Trends aren’t always for me

I’ve never been much of a trend follower and I can’t help be critical of things that I deem problematic, especially trends for the home. Some of it is just preference like blackboard labeling, I can’t stand blackboard anything. To me it seems messy and it’s a textural thing, I can’t tolerate frosted glass either, it just gives me the heebie jeebies. Most of my dislike of certain things like wall to wall carpeting and stainless steel is because I’m not a big fan of spending my time cleaning and definitely not a fan of working harder not smarter.

chalkboard-paint-wine-glass-fail-EPFCarpeting is harder to keep clean especially when you have a pet cat who pukes somewhat frequently and stainless steel just attracts smudges and finger prints like Coachella attract guys with man buns wearing toe shoes. All stainless steel appliances aren’t made of the same grade steel that industrial stainless steel is made of. It often times dents, scratches and can develop light rust stains that will need to be scrubbed out. I know black appliances aren’t trendy but they’re very forgiving if you have kids and pets.

Those white porcelain farm sinks that were and probably still are the rage? I hate them. Those beautiful showers that are entirely glass? Ugh. Open kitchen shelves are great if you like that fine layer of grimey dust covering everything. Most things made from wood pallets look like things made from wood pallets to me. Curated subscription services like Bark Box, Birch Box, Loot Crate, great if you’re into collecting clutter and unconscious consuming. Dollar store stuff like plastics, home goods, tools, toys and what not? Generally it’s just not for me, it’s cheap stuff that has a very good chance of breaking, not working in the first place and eventually ending up in the garbage.

To prove I’m not a negative Nancy, there are some trends I can totally get behind like cat hammocks, vertical gardening, non-toxic cleaners like baking soda and vinegar, real wood furniture, built-in hidden storage, tiny houses, capsule wardrobes and Himalayan salt lamps. Agree or disagree, I just want our lives to be easier, healthier and for us to have the time to do what matters most to each of us. Binge watch Netflix, take naps and criticize half of everything on Pinterest.