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Types of Disorganization – WXGC Radio

Another episode from the radio program “Minding Your Manor.” Julie she covers everything home related: organizing, downsizing, productivity, decluttering, home-management, and more.

Life events can sometime overwhelm our spaces, or it seems like some of us just can’t get organized no matter how hard we try. Find out where you fit in.


One question that my clients like to ask is: “Is YOUR home organized?” I answer truthfully that for the most part it is. However, organizing and decluttering is an ongoing, constant process and there are times when my home is in a state of flux due to a temporary situation, such as when there were recent renovations going on. When I see blog posts or magazine articles boasting strategies on how to get organized once and for all, I know that there is some false advertising in that premise. For most of us, stuff is constantly Read more

Toxicity in the Home – WXGC Radio

Fight indoor air pollution and keep toxins to a minimum for a healthier home.


I hate to be the one to tell you this, but there are toxins lurking in and around our homes. Unlike our ancestors who had mostly organic possessions that were made from wood, cotton, wool or even animal skins, our modern homes contain lots of plastics, PVCs, chemicals, mold, mildew, VOCs and the list goes on. We can have some control over what we are exposed to and I’d like to start with one of the easiest ways to eliminate our exposure to indoor air pollution.

Take a walk down the cleaning product and laundry detergent aisle in any store, and if you take a deep breath, you’ll probably notice a variety of smells. Unfortunately, a lot of those cleaners have toxic ingredients Read more

Time Management – WXGC Radio

If you want to be more productive, you need to learn how to use your time wisely.

It’s certainly not uncommon for people to run late for events, appointments, school, work, getting together with the gang or what have you. Sometimes it’s very inappropriate, or the worst that happens is you miss the opening scene of a movie, no big deal. Cars do break down, coffee gets spilled down the front of a job interview outfit, the dog Read more

Organizing Myths – WXGC Radio

Magazines tell us we can clear clutter for good and books tell us that if we don’t love our toilet plunger that we should get rid of it. I’m telling you that there aren’t any hard and fast rules for organizing.

“If I use the popular KonMari method, I’ll never have to declutter or tidy again!”

Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing phenom, who claims that her clients never backslide nor need her help again after she has taught them her techniques. In my experience, working in American homes, decluttering is a constant. Things are always coming into our homes and therefore some things will need to go out.
There’s the initial process of getting organized, but what follows is Read more

Kitchen Organization – WXGC Radio

It’s hard to cook when there isn’t room to spread out, cupboards are overflowing and prime real estate is at a premium. Clear the clutter so cooking isn’t such a chore.


No part of a home attracts and fascinates me more than kitchens. They’ve gone from a utilitarian space to the center of the home, the place where you can find people congregating, pets hanging around looking for a nibble of kibble and probably a number of things that aren’t even food related. They’ve become the entryway and the launching pad, in new homes they are bigger than most any other space and they can have simple appliances or be tricked out Read more

How to Deal with Junk Mail – WXGC Radio

I liken junk mail to an unwelcome fly or bug in your house. Not so bad dealing with one or two but more than that is crazy making. Defend yourself against those pests coming in in the first place!

You may have tried to escape the deluge of unwanted solicitations but junk mail seems to find its way into everyone’s home. The United States Postal Service took a poll in 2012 and found that junk mail represented 60 percent of all household mail. American households received 79.6 billion pieces of Read more

The Benefits of Decluttering – WXGC Radio

You may think that those loose possessions strewn about is no big deal but how much easier would certain aspects of your life be without clutter?


Most of us have clutter. The definition of clutter is really up to you personally but for most of us clutter is made up of things we can’t decide what to do with or things that don’t have homes or designated spaces within our homes or offices. Things like stacks of old magazines, excess shoes, piles of paper, Read more

Are You a Clutter Bug? – WXGC Radio

How to identify is your clutter is affecting your life negatively.

Call it what you like, cluttering, being a pack rack, a finder/ keeper, messy, or disorganized, some people like to refer to themselves as clutter bugs Read more

Aging in Place – WXGC Radio

More and more, people are staying in their homes as long as possible as they age. Here are some tips to do so safely.

Thanks to many innovations, technology and medical advancements, seniors are able to live in the residence of their choice for as long as they are able as they age. In the early part of the 20th century, people lived and died in their homes because they were often times sharing their home with or lived very close to family members who took of them as they aged. Times changed Read more

What IS a professional organizer?

This is a question I get all the time, what is it that I really do? Some people think I organize events like 5K runs or protest marches and a number of people are surprised that there is an industry devoted to my profession. Basically put, I help people in their homes or offices. Help how? I help my clients deal with a myriad of possessions including clothing, books, paperwork, furniture, tools, heirlooms, photos, keepsakes, kitchen goods, kids toys, collections, Read more