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Listen to these free audio podcasts and watch the videos featuring Professional Organizer Julie Ulmer. Through a variety of media, Julie shares the techniques, tools and strategies to help you get organized and boost your productivity, at home and at work. You can learn a lot in just a couple of minutes listening to our podcasts.

Uncover Usable Space for Your Kitchen

November 2018 Interview – the Smead Keeping You Organized podcast

Join us as we discuss everything from storage to cutting boards.



Photo of Julie Ulmer during a phone interview

How to Overcome the Anxiety of Getting Organized

On Keeping You Organized with John Hunt of Smead Manufacturing, Julie discusses the different forms of anxiety that may come along with organizing and how to manage or overcome them.

Downsizing Dilemmas with Boomers & Seniors with Marshall Miles – WHDD Radio

Julie discusses some of the dilemmas that Boomers and Seniors face when downsizing with Marshall Miles of WHDD Robin Hood Radio.

Julie Ulmer in a radio studio

Let’s Talk with Jesse Stewart – WSBS Radio

It’s always fun talking about decluttering, organizing and downsizing and this former broadcaster loves small town radio like the Berkshires WSBS Radio (860 AM and 94.1 FM).

Hoarding disorder – A complex issue that deserves more understanding, compassion and awareness

November 2017 Interview – the Smead Keeping You Organized podcast

Learn what some of the hallmarks of hoarding disorder are and how to approach a hoarding situation from a positive, beneficial standpoint.



Quick Wins with Decluttering – Find the low hanging fruit

October 2017 Interview – the Smead Keeping You Organized podcast

Julie Ulmer from Minding Your Manor gives quick tips on decluttering in a hurry, and how to deal with some of the overwhelm that comes with it.



The Minimalism Episode – WGXC Radio

Another Episode from Julie’s Radio Program

It might seem like just another trend, but living with less is of great interest to plenty of people, young and old.


You might think of minimalism as just a trend, but it’s probably more so the result of decades of encouraged consumerism that has exhausted and overwhelmed so many. The 80s and 90s were all about chasing the American dream of having the best of everything, and not just the best, but a lot! Bigger homes, fancy cars, the latest fashions Read more