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Media: Podcasts and Videos

Listen to these free audio podcasts and watch the videos featuring Professional Organizer Julie Ulmer. Through a variety of media, Julie shares the techniques, tools and strategies to help you get organized and boost your productivity, at home and at work. You can learn a lot in just a couple of minutes listening to our podcasts.

Audio media: WGSC interview with Holly Tanner and Justin Weave

WGXC Hudson Radio Interview

On the “Something to Talk About” show, professional organizer Julie Ulmer talks with Holly Tanner and Justin Weaver about helping people clear their chronic clutter.
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Julie Ulmer, professional organizer, being interview by Smead

The Smead Interviews

Brought to you by the Smead Manufacturing Company, Keeping You Organized®.

  1. Organizing life documents.
    Listen or view the professional organizer podcast.
  2. How to deal with inheritance absorption.
    Listen or view the podcast.
  3. The connection between stress, depression and clutter.
    Listen or view the podcast.
  4. An organized kitchen for healthy living.
    Listen or view the podcast.

Organize Mindfully Interview

Julie is interviewed by Mark Dillan of the “Organize Mindfully” podcast. Let Julie Ulmer bring organization into your life.

  1. Go here in iTunes
  2. Scroll down to episode 46 and click on View in iTunes.
  3. Once iTunes opens, click on the arrow on the far right to

Super Organizer Universe Radio Interviews

Julie is interviewed by James Lott, Jr. on Super Organizer Universe Radio.

  1. Tips and tricks for seasonal decorating and organizing. October 30, 2015.
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  2. Practical suggestions and innovative ideas for bringing order to your stuff. October 2, 2015.
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Super Organizer Show Radio Interview

Julie is interviewed by James Lott, Jr. on his new Super Organizer Show. February 5, 2016.
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