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Is it time to declutter, downsize, get a grip on paper piles, get organized,  prepare for an orderly move or be more productive? Since 2005, Julie Ulmer has been helping people reclaim their space, deal with their stuff or excess stuff, and love their homes and offices again!

A lifelong culinarian and former professional Chef, Julie specializes in and loves organizing kitchens! With an organized kitchen, cooking is more efficient, less frustrating and a perfect set-up to have Julie give you private cooking lessons.  Anyone can learn organization techniques at any point in life so if you haven’t been successful up to this point, do not despair! Her ultimate goal is transferring skills to you and implementing the systems necessary for you to get and stay organized!

Some of the services Minding Your Manor offers include:

If you would like more information about Services, please call Julie at 518-821-4682 or email .

DIY Organizing

Minding Your Manor offers an initial on-site consultation with a verbal assessment of your needs followed up with an action plan on how you and other household members can declutter and implement organizational maintenance techniques to benefit everyone.  For those who know what they want, just need an expert’s guidance and can commit to doing it themselves.

Chronic Disorganization

For those who have struggled with organizing all of their lives and have tried repeatedly to get organized on their own. CD clients are overwhelmed by possessions, have difficulty identifying and letting go of excess, and lose a lot of time looking for lost items. You could benefit by having a non-judgmental professional help you achieve your goals, by using unique techniques and systems that work for you.

Home Management

The real estate market has seen a major influx of new residents or residents committing to living here full time. Homeowners are opening their homes to AirBnB or VRBO guests and that means you will have a lot of “cooks in the kitchen.”

Curtail the chaos by letting Julie evaluate your needs as a host and help get your home organized and prepared for high traffic use of your spaces. You may decide you need a liaison to help manage all the details. Minding Your Manor offers what some are calling “luxury housekeeping,” managing the little things for homeowners who are busy with other priorities.

Inheritance Absorption and Dealing with the Estate of a Loved One

How to handle the sometimes very sudden task of a home filled with years’ worth of accumulation, some of which is being handed down to you. Not only is it overwhelming but oftentimes painful and emotionally draining to deal with the possessions of a loved one who has passed. Julie’s empathy and nurturing, supportive nature may help ease your upset and discomfort.

Blending Households 

Clean countertop with organized cabinets

When two homes are becoming just one, excess possessions can overwhelm even the largest of spaces. Let’s discover what you really need and want in your home and find the best options for liberating the rest.

Aging in Place

Now more than ever, seniors are able to age in their homes well into their golden years. Obviously that’s a win/win, but their surroundings need to be safe and maneuverable. Minding Your Manor offers a full assessment and plan of action to help our beloved elders age gracefully and safely at home for as long as possible.

Virtual Organizing

No matter where you are in the country, we can connect via Zoom, Skype, or Google Duo and I can advise you on how to solve clutter problems, better utilize space to your advantage, how to get started, what kind of supplies you might need and figure out the learning style that works best for you so you can maintain the progress we make together.

Accountability Partnering and Productivity Coaching

Similar to virtual organizing, we’re working together via video conferencing. Prioritizing and planning doesn’t come to everyone naturally. Let’s identify your stumbling blocks and find the best approach to accomplishing more, using a learning style that works for you. We can work on procrastination, establishing routines, overcoming obstacles, and setting and achieving goals. I’m helping you stay on task, break down bigger projects into smaller, doable steps and acting as a body double to help you work through your To Do list and improve your chances of completing work you just can’t seem to finish on your own.

Paper Management 

Since the advent of the computer, paper usage has tripled! Junk mail pours into American homes, kids art and school work create sentimental piles everywhere and what ever happened to “going paperless?” Since paper is one of the biggest clutter factors Americans face, why not learn how to reduce what you don’t need and find the best ways to organize what you do use and keep.

Moving and Unpacking

Helping prepare you and your home for an upcoming move across town or across the country. Welcome or welcome back to the area! Unpacking can be daunting. Wouldn’t it be great to step off on the right foot with organized systems in place? If you want to settle in faster and more productively, let’s work together on setting up your new home for a successful transition. Need help navigating your new surroundings? As a long time resident of the upper Hudson Valley and borderline Berkshires, Julie can help you get acclimated and find the resources and gems of your new neighborhood.

Public Speaking

Julie’s background in broadcasting, passion for organizing and simplicity, as well as her ability to connect with audiences, who are looking for techniques and motivation, makes her a dynamic speaker! She frequently teaches non-credit Adult Education classes on decluttering, organizing and downsizing for boomers and seniors.

Private Cooking Lessons

From the novice to the well-seasoned cook, Julie loves to teach the basics and techniques, introducing cooks to new and different cuisines, being sure you are outfitted to have the utensils, equipment and a pantry to set you up for success and help you get ready to entertain post-pandemic! One on one to little cocktail parties to learning how to use that swanky new grill, let’s get cooking!