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Household management can include home office organization
Is it time to declutter, downsize, get organized, be prepared, or be more productive? Since 2003 I’ve been helping people reclaim their space, deal with their stuff, and love their homes again.

I have experience with ADD coaching, assisting seniors who are moving to smaller accommodations, those who want to reduce the role of paper in their lives, and teaching the skills or systems necessary to stay organized.


Some of the services I offer include:

  • DIY Organizing
    Minding Your Manor offers an initial on-site consultation followed up with a needs assessment and an action plan on how you and other household members can declutter and implement organizational maintenance techniques to benefit everyone.
  • Chronic Disorganization
    For those who have struggled with organizing all of their lives and have tried repeatedly to get organized on their own. CD clients are overwhelmed by possessions, have difficulty identifying and letting go of excess, and lose a lot of time looking for lost items. You could benefit by having a non-judgmental professional help you achieve your goals, by using unique techniques and systems that work for you.
  • Home Management
    Solving problems around the house such as: creating a better flow, identifying potential or current problems, as well as tips and advice on protecting your investment.
  • Inheritance Absorption and dealing with the estate of a loved one
    How to handle the sometimes very sudden task of a home filled with years’ worth of accumulation, some of which is being handed down to you.
  • Blending Households
    When two homes becoming just one, overwhelms even the largest of spaces.
  • Aging in Place
    Now more than ever, seniors are able to age in their homes well into their golden years. Obviously that’s a win/win, but their surroundings need to be safe and maneuverable. Minding Your Manor offers a full assessment and plan of action to help our beloved elders age gracefully and safely at home for as long as possible.
  • Help for those who hoard and their loved ones
    Hoarding is a mental disorder that does not discriminate. It affects millions of Americans, and instances will continue to rise as the Boomer generation ages. Experience, education and training qualify me to work with the hoarding population and to act as a consultant to those who are seeking help for a friend, neighbor or family member.
  • Virtual Organizing
    No matter where you are in the country, we can connect via Skype or Google hangout. I can advise you on how to solve clutter problems, utilize space to your advantage, and welcome efficiency where there was once chaos.
  • Moving/Relocating
    Pre-move preparations, help with coordinating a move across town or across the country, and unpacking and setting up your new home.
  • Home Staging
    Let’s make improvements for impact, and create the first impression that will wow potential buyers.
  • Time Management and Productivity
    Prioritizing and planning doesn’t come to everyone naturally. Let’s identify your stumbling blocks and find the best approach to accomplishing more, using a learning style that works for you. We can work on procrastination, establishing routines, overcoming obstacles, and setting and achieving goals. Coaching sessions can take place via Skype, Google hangout or phone.
  • Public Speaking
    Julie’s background in broadcasting, passion for organizing and simplicity, as well as her ability to connect with audiences, and looking for techniques and motivation, makes her a dynamic speaker.
  • Disaster Preparedness
    Developing plans for emergencies and evacuations, packing “go” bags and defining emergency supplies to always have on hand.


If you would like more information about our Household Management Services, please call Julie at 518-821-4682 or email moc.r1529307248onamr1529307248uoygn1529307248idnim1529307248@eilu1529307248j1529307248.