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The Benefits of Decluttering – WGXC Radio

You may think that those loose possessions strewn about is no big deal but how much easier would certain aspects of your life be without clutter?


Most of us have clutter. The definition of clutter is really up to you personally but for most of us clutter is made up of things we can’t decide what to do with or things that don’t have homes or designated spaces within our homes or offices. Things like stacks of old magazines, excess shoes, piles of paper, Read more

Are You a Clutter Bug? – WGXC Radio

How to identify is your clutter is affecting your life negatively.

Transcript of the Radio Program

Call it what you like, cluttering, being a pack rack, a finder/ keeper, messy, or disorganized, some people like to refer to themselves as clutter bugs and others are shocked to think that they are considered clutter bugs, they just have a lot of stuff and there’s nothing wrong with that, right? Read more

Chronic Clutter – Something to Talk About WGXC Hudson Radio Interview

On the “Something to Talk About” show, professional organizer Julie Ulmer talks with Holly Tanner and Justin Weaver about helping people clear their chronic clutter.

Organize the Clutter with Julie Ulmer – Organize Mindfully Interview

Julie is interviewed by Mark Dillan of the “Organize Mindfully” podcast. Let Julie Ulmer bring organization into your life. Julie shares her insights into how she organizes and how she brings fun into organizing.

  1. Go here in iTunes.
  2. Scroll down to episode 46 and click on View in iTunes.
  3. After iTunes opens to the Organize Mindfully podcast, scroll down to episode 100 and double-click it to begin playback.

The Relationship Between Stress, Depression and Clutter – The Smead Interviews

The relationship between depression and clutter can be extremely close. Professional Organizer Julie Ulmer tells us why these two can be linked and how to help overcome the relationship.

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