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Organizing for the New Year

A new year can be exciting for so many reasons, it’s a fresh chance to start over, to redefine our ambitions and set new goals that somehow seem more attainable because we’re committing to those goals along with millions of others. We declare our intentions with resolutions and getting organized is a popular one!

The top resolutions every year seem to include losing weight/getting in shape, quitting vices and getting organized. One reason so many of us seem to fail at keeping resolutions is that we take on too many. It would be a pretty significant shift in our behaviors if we gave up sweets, cocktails, tardiness and impulse buying in one fell swoop. Focusing on just one of the stumbling blocks Read more

Fall preparations for your home

The nights have become chilly, people have closed their pools for the season and before you know it, we’ll be in the grips of Father Winter soon enough. It’s time to put summer to bed and be sure that your home is ready for what’s ahead. My number one priority is what I call “hassle avoidance” so any proactive measures I can take to be ready for the change of seasons is one step further away from having a crisis when it’s bitter cold and the snow is deep. Here are some tips to help you batten down the hatches:

  • First thing is first, is your furnace clean and ready for the heating season? Do you need to order heating fuel, arrange to have the heating ducts or chimney cleaned? Call for servicing before the busy season hits. Wood stove owners are cutting or receiving wood and stacking away. Be mindful about stacking wood directly against your home, it’s an invitation for rodents and insects like termites to nest and is also a fire hazard.

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