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“I would definitely recommend her!”

“Julie was a dream come true for us.  She helped us clean out twenty years of accumulation and get our house rental ready in five short weeks! She really kept us on task, took the active role in moving bags out and organizing what was staying. I would definitely recommend her and hire her again. We couldn’t have done it without her!” -S.K., Berkshire County, MA

“I could not have done it without her!”

“I’ve told everyone that I could not have moved successfully without Julie’s help and that’s true! I was overwhelmed, was having difficulty making decisions and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t thank her enough for helping me through the second hardest job of my life! Forever grateful. –AGS, Chatham, NY

“Julie transmitted compassion and listened intently.”

“Julie Ulmer of Minding Your Manor is a Godsend!  My wife and I reached out to her on short notice, only a few days prior to the expected arrival of a truck with all our belongings from where they had been stored in California.  When Julie and I initially connected, I was admittedly feeling overwhelmed and completely not up to receiving and then sorting through everything.  My work at the time was very busy, we had a 7-month-old infant, and this was to be our third move in a year.  From the first moment we connected, Julie transmitted compassion and listened intently to clarify our situation and understand our individual needs.  Then, she made time for us in her busy schedule, and went over and above expectations by helping us to find additional skilled help for unloading the truck through her local professional network.  When she came to our home, she was incredibly well prepared and organized, and she always worked with a refreshingly positive and uplifting energy and steady efficiency.  The amount we were able to unpack and clean up together really alleviated stress, and my wife and I could not have been more pleased with her kindness, professionalism, and skill.  Julie Ulmer is passionate about her work and does it with loving care, and I can unequivocally say that she would be a gift to anyone in need of supportive help with organizing, moving, and/or de-cluttering.” -Mark B., Columbia County, NY

“Hiring Julie was the most important gift I could give myself.”

“Most people are good at something. When you’re hiring a professional you cross your fingers and hope for the best. On the rare occasion you stumble upon someone who’s GREAT. Julie is one of those people. In two sessions over the course of two weeks; Julie helped me accomplish a daunting task that has been looming over me for close to seven years. Her professionalism, enthusiasm, compassion never wavered. I immediately knew I could trust her in my home and reviewing important, personal documents. Hiring Julie was the most important gift I could give myself. I look forward to working with her again and again.” –Will, Spencertown, NY

“She’s the best around, I highly recommend her!”

As we prepared for our renovation and move out of our house, Julie Ulmer came in at a critical time for us.  She has a wonderful way of communicating, listening and establishing priorities for what needs to get done!  I love her can-do spirit and how open she is to choices I have to make.  Having worked with other organizers, I can confidently say that she’s the best around and I am so grateful to have connected with her.  She is well prepared for every session, both mentally but also with all needed supplies, and lots always gets done! I highly recommend her!  –C.L.K., Tivoli, NY

“I just cannot praise Julie Ulmer enough.”


I just cannot praise Julie Ulmer enough. She is awesome and amazing. Her work is of the highest caliber. Julie has transformed my closets and drawers, so quickly. She just plunges in and gets it done. She has listened and understands what I need and has done what needs to be done for my particular situation. I am thrilled to have found her and am very appreciative of her help. She is most professional and has accomplished a lot for me. – R.W., Lenox, MA

“Julie is an energetic and engaging speaker!

“Julie is an energetic and engaging speaker. She shared very interesting statistics about clutter and consumerism, and suggested practical, realistic ways to begin the de-cluttering and organizing process and even local organizations that take donations and waste of all kinds. Our attendees took notes and asked lots of questions, which Julie was more than happy to answer. On top of that she cleverly incorporated our summer reading theme, “Universe of Stories,” into her program for us. And of course, Julie was very well-organized and prepared!” –Kira Bingemann, Reference and Interlibrary Loan Librarian, David & Joyce Milne Public Library

” Julie was professional and focused.”

“We hired Julie to help our aging parent, who had accumulated A LOT of stuff over 20 years in her home, prep for a big move to be closer to family. Julie was professional and focused on completing the task, but remained very considerate and compassionate of our mom’s feelings while doing some very hard clean-up/out work. She communicated with us regularly throughout the process and in the end we were amazed at all that was accomplished. With Julie as part of our prep team, the packing and moving process went so smoothly and quickly for us in the end.
We were so thankful to have found Julie and we are grateful for how she cared for the job and all involved parties along the way!”- M.D., Virginia

“Julie would come in and some small magic would occur.”

Over the years I have run several businesses out of my house, and gradually one of them grew somewhat out of control. I would be managing finances and people all from my home office, and periodically what began as a slow tide of papers would become a tidal wave, swamping my sweet little office. Julie would come in every two or three months — whenever I would put out the SOS before completely disappearing under the tow — and some small magic would occur. Julie stands in my office; I sit at my desk. Over the course of half a day the tide is pushed back, all the papers find their place, folders get made, papers moved, rearranged, shredded, recycled. It’s a completely cheerful process at the end of which my desk is clear, piles are workable and orderly, and the world has found balance once again. –Eric S., Spencertown, NY

“She provides judgement-free guidance”

“I really enjoyed having Julie share her skills and experience, helping me organize my home after a move. She provides judgment-free guidance, lots of encouragement, and just enough accountability, so it’s helpful but not overbearing. I appreciate that her approach is not to tell you what to do, but rather to help you achieve your own goals.”-Ariel, Albany, NY

“She’s excellent!”

Julie Ulmer is a lifesaver! I have had a lifelong problem with clutter. Julie and I sorted MULTIPLE boxes and bags, and she set up a filing system for me. I found important papers that I had been looking for for months. She has infinite patience, detailed knowledge of her field, and tips that work. She’s excellent! Call her to get her fantastic help! -E.D., Albany, NY

“Her efforts have energized me”

Julie started the unpacking of my storage units.  Her enthusiasm, energy, organizational skills and workable methods launched my project which had been “put off” for 5 years.  Her efforts have energized me, setting the process in motion….just exactly the boost I needed to get moving!  With gratitude, -SBN, Columbia County, NY

“Julie put me at ease immediately…”

“Julie and I have been friends for many years. When I needed help clearing out before a move, I was a little apprehensive about having a friend see the mess and clutter that had accumulated over the years. Julie put me at ease immediately; she was kind and motivating. I could not have done it without her. The most important lesson I learned: I don’t have to be the historian for every piece of ephemera related to my family. It is okay to let go of things!” –T.W., Niskayuna, NY

“We would use her services again without hesitation…”

“Julie is a Godsend!” This was my sister’s text to me after we began our work with Julie.  Feeling overwhelmed with both the emotional and physical task of cleaning out Mom and Dad’s house after their years of living, collecting, and keeping just about EVERYTHING, we really needed some guidance.  After my phone consult with Julie, I knew we were on the right track. She came up with a game plan and the encouragement we needed to get started and to get the job done – in record time! Julie’s great energy and work ethic provided the firm foundation in support of the overall effort.  As we struggled in making decisions about what to keep and what to part with, her sensitivity and thoughtfulness were critical.  Throughout it all, she was working right alongside us with a focus and energy that was invaluable. We would use her services again without hesitation, for this or any other type of organizing challenge!” –S.W., Chatham NY

“Julie is an engaging speaker who kept our attention…”

Julie was recently the featured speaker at a meeting of the local chapter of the Editorial Freelancers Association. Her presentation, focusing on freelancers’ home-offices, was very informative and well-organized. In addition, Julie is an engaging speaker who kept our attention and sparked some good discussions. She would be an asset to any group’s meetings. –Teresa N. Barensfeld, co-leader, Upper Hudson Chapter of the Editorial Freelancers Association

“Julie was there every step of the way…”

Julie is worth her weight in GOLD!!! I had a very complicated move to plan, which included major downsizing and packing and organization. Julie was there every step of the way, staging the move, organizing the tasks I had to tackle, labeling and sorting things with me. LOVED this experience, highly recommend her with no reservations!     -Lisa K., Pittsfield, MA 

“I’m very grateful for her support.”

Working with Julie was a true pleasure during a time when the idea of organizing aspects of my life was anything but! She is highly capable, compassionate and thoughtful, full of great tips and tricks, and able to approach many different issues and tasks depending upon your needs. When I needed someone to simply talk things through, she helped me come up with manageable plans and when I needed someone to ensure I was staying on task, she gently nudged me in the right direction. I’m very grateful for her support, humor and incredible organizational skills. Thanks Julie! –Alison B., Housatonic, MA    

“Julie was a great public speaker.”

Julie was a great public speaker with many helpful hints for those who attended her talk. Seeing the samples of her own organizing items, especially the “Banker Boxes”, was a good idea. Julie explained the pros and cons of why she chose those particular items and where they can be purchased. One of the best suggestions is, if an item has some value and you are reluctant to part with it, wait 2-4 months before making a final decision. You can tell from her presentation, that Julie knows how difficult it can be to downsize for some people. An objective eye in your home to make suggestions may be easier than you think. The data that was given about America’s hoarding habits is a little scary, but if there are people like Julie in business, many can get on the right track. –Wendy Tremper Wollerton, Livingston, NY

“She’s a true professional all the way!”

I turned 80 a year ago, and I doubt that I’d have made it through this year without Julie’s help. I often call her my catalyst and my inspiration for getting the things done that I have put off, and put off, and put off doing. I find there’s nothing she’s incapable of organizing – the mail and bills, the cupboards and drawers, even the things stored in the attic or basement. Julie’s always on time, she never wastes a minute, not even for a coffee break! What more could I ask? I also enjoy reading her newspaper columns and seeing her podcasts. And the local libraries have had her as a speaker. Without a doubt, she’s a true professional all the way! –M.D.U., Columbia County, NY

“Calling Julie was the best decision I made”

When I moved into my new house I was certain I could get it all settled
myself. Life got in the way and my progress in unpacking and finding ways
to make my home (particularly the kitchen) flow better completely stalled.
Calling Julie was the best decision I made and I wish I’d done it earlier.
In a few hours she helped me finish the unpacking and finding the right
spots for my things as well as working with me in the kitchen to get rid of
the clutter and make the space work for me in just the way I need it to. – Amanda, Pittsfield, MA

“Julie has my highest recommendation.”

Julie Ulmer is an organizing wizard. We consolidated two homes, moving the contents of a city apartment into one (already-stuffed) large house. The prospect of starting (where? how?) was daunting, and hung over me for many miserable months. Enter Julie. In a calm, systematic, supportive way, she kept me on task. The result is a pared-down, organized environment. The process was fun, rewarding, clarifying and liberating. Julie has my highest recommendation.
– Anonymous, Rensselaer County, NY

“She never made me feel embarrassed by my chronic messiness.”

Testimonials about organizing

Julie did an amazing job helping me get set up after a huge move. She came into my new place, filled with boxes (and bags and crates) from every era of my life, and helped me come up with systems to keep things organized in a way that makes sense going forward. I am a disorganized person with a lot of stuff; she helped me shape and order my possessions into usable categories, which I can carry on adding to, even after she has gone. As an added plus, she never made me feel embarrassed by my chronic messiness – she is there to help and never to judge! – K.B., the Berkshires, MA

“We accomplished what I could not have done myself.”

Julie is a “can do” organizer, very professional, client focused and resourceful. She searched diligently and quickly to find a local picker to help me dispose of gently used home goods, tools and kitchen ware. In just two meetings we accomplished what I could not have done myself. I would definitely work with Julie again and recommend her highly. – E.T., Becket, MA

“Working with Julie made it less overwhelming.”

I had been avoiding my workroom and my anxiety kept me from using it due to disorganization. Working with Julie made it less overwhelming and she quickly whipped it into shape. Best gift that I could receive! – D.L., Lenox, MA 

“Julie goes above and beyond in caring thoughtfulness”

Julie was recommended to me by a business colleague a number of years ago and she has become an invaluable anchor for our household ever since. Along with her attention to detail and systematic approach for keeping things running smoothly, Julie goes above and beyond in caring thoughtfulness for all the ups and downs, ins and outs, good times and bad that can and do enter into one’s home. While it is never an easy decision to bring someone so intimately into your sanctuary, Julie’s honesty and sensitivity make the process much simpler and smoother than anticipated. Our Furry Ones now race to the door in joyous anticipation every single time they hear Julie’s car in the driveway! In our home, that’s a winner! – Lori Selden, Columbia County, NY

“I never felt judged for my disorganization”

‘Julie was a tremendous help to me in tackling a bedroom that had been taken over with years of old paperwork.  I never felt judged for my disorganization and she is beyond patient.  Added bonus was that she loved my 2 crazy cats! – A.R., Berkshire County, MA

“Her program was fun and inspirational!”

Julie was a pleasure to work with. In her presentation here at the Guilderland Public Library. She made the necessary connection between a messy home and life, feeling very chaotic and out of control. Our patrons really enjoyed her tips and tricks on home organization! Her program was so fun and inspirational! Thank you, Julie! – Amy, Librarian, Guilderland Public Library, Guilderland, NY

“She helped me with my entire house, from cleaning out the basement to the attic.”

Julie Ulmer is truly a God send. I was beside myself and I prayed that God would send me someone who would help me declutter and downsize. He sent me an angel! Julie will help you to make the right decisions as to what to keep and what to let go of. I appreciate all she did for me. She helped me with my entire house, from cleaning out the basement to the attic. I recommend her highly. I can’t say enough about her. – S.M. Rensselaer, NY

“I am so happy to have used Julie…”

My unruly desk has always been the major stumbling block in keeping my own and my family’s affairs organized and sane, but the mere thought of trying to establish some semblance of order was enough to send me running in the opposite direction. Determined to put things right, I hired Julie Ulmer to come help me sort out my desk and create a system to help keep me on top of my affairs. In two short sessions, we threw out piles of unnecessary paperwork, sorted items into logical categories, found homes for them, and developed a system to keep abreast of affairs. And, to boot, it all looks so nice that I am drawn to working at my desk every day. Quite a feat, considering I had started to avoid it like the plague. I am so happy to have used Julie for my little office space at home. Now, on to the basement! – Irene Young, Hillsdale, NY  

“Julie has lots of great, practical ideas…”

Julie has lots of great, practical ideas and is an absolute joy to work with! She’s like a cooler Mary Poppins but with garbage bags and file folders instead of an umbrella. – E.W. Albany, NY

“She is respectful, skilled and very supportive.”

Working with Julie was a true delight! She arrived prepared with a smile and oodles of clever and thoughtful ideas to help me organize and, ultimately, clear out years of accumulated stuff. She is respectful, skilled and very supportive. I highly recommend Julie and look forward to working with her again on my next project! – Elizabeth, Stockbridge, MA

“We never could have done this without her!”

We had Julie come help our young daughter organize her bedroom. Our seven year old  is so happy to have things organized and it’s a breeze for her to keep her room in top shape all by herself now! She just loves knowing where everything is and how simple it is to take care of. I hope that anyone out there that may be thinking about having Julie in to help takes advantage of the opportunity to work with her, they won’t be sorry. No matter how young or old, or what the problem area might be, she has the answer! We never could have done this without her!
– B. & S., Ghent, NY

“She is in one word, WONDERFUL.”

I have used Julie’s services personally and found her to be a gift from heaven. After many moves in the past 2 years coupled with total frustration and burn out, Julie came to my rescue and helped me with the organization and the de-cluttering of my new home. Julie offered the emotional and practical support I needed to get my new apartment up and running. She has much common sense and practicality, stays calm, yet uses tough love and takes a respectful role toward empowering her client. She is in one word, WONDERFUL. – D. DuBois, Chatham, NY

“She is there beginning to end”

Julie’s attention to detail is beyond amazing. She listens to all of your needs and follows up with a plan of attack! I could not have gotten organized and stayed organized without her. She is there from the beginning to the end. -K.S., Rensselaer County, NY

“Oh my God, it’s so neat!”

Julie’s good sense has saved us time and trouble. She notices small problems — things like a window not closing properly, odd dishwasher noise, or wood in danger of warping– and takes care to make sure they don’t turn into big problems. She has helped with organizing files, keys, phone lists, and kitchen drawers, so that it’s much easier to find stuff. A summer house guest opened the drawer containing vegetable peelers, can openers, spatulas, wooden spoons et al. and cried out, “Oh my God, it’s so neat!” (I had to admit it wasn’t my doing). We also benefit from Julie’s fine aesthetic sense; our open-shelf linen cupboard, with its elegantly folded towels and blankets, is ready for Architectural Digest (not that they’re coming any time soon). – C. Casey, Old Chatham.

“Julie helped me…”

After the divorce, I needed to sell my big house full of 6 years of clutter and mess. Julie helped me clear everything out and stage the house to sell quickly. She even helped us organize a successful tag sale. I had three offers on the house and completed the sale in only four months, even with the slow housing market, in no small part due to her successful organizing skills. – H. Sims, Monroe, CT

“She is the best!!!”

I was lucky to have Julie’s help in organizing my pantry and even months later I am still benefiting from her common-sense way of rearranging my stuff. Julie is fair, honest, easy to work with, and strives to provide what you want. She is the best!!! – Dominique, Hudson, NY

“I HIGHLY recommend Julie’s services!”

Julie Ulmer arrived at my house with, I hoped, the ability to magically create order out of chaos. My home was a disaster–nothing really where it belonged, and even worse, in many cases, not even a place for something to belong in. A lot of stuff needed to go, but getting it out of the house meant moving something else out of the way–and there was no “out of the way.” Things were dirty and dusty, but a lot of the dirt and dust was under something. I felt totally helpless.

Testimonials about organizing

Julie remained totally calm for the four hours she was there.  Step one was reassuring me that this was not an impossible task; that she had seen worse. Then she started in by setting up a “staging area”– a place to put something down on, near the door, while I decided—keep? Throw? Wait a little longer?– and slowly things began to fall into place, to make sense, to seem not quite so overwhelming. A lot of it was because I could see the Julie wasn’t the least overwhelmed. This was a familiar scenario to her not an impending disaster. She and I got a lot done that first day just in terms of setting the scene for future work.

I think Julie came back twice more. It’s been about a year and a half since she was last here and I’ve been able to use a lot of what she taught me to keep things under control and, if not spic-and-span, at least acceptably clean and tidy.

I would HIGHLY recommend Julie’s services to anyone with problems keeping a home clean and free from overcrowding and clutter. She NEVER gives one the sense that she is at all critical of one or the state of one’s home. Instead she is totally sympathetic and understanding of the situation, and if one gets someone over-emotional about things in her presence, that is OK too. -M.K. Sheffield, MA

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